I enjoy keeping my clients happy. 
I know they expect me to go above and beyond.  I love achieving an amazing end result.  It’s what I do.  It’s how I operate.  It’s part of my work ethic.

             I took a tremendous amount away from agency life. 
             I loved the fast-paced environment and the juggling of various clients and projects: pitching stories one hour, copywriting an ad the next, 
             client meetings after lunch, soliciting sponsors for an event, and then finishing the day writing press materials. 
             And that was just a Monday. 

                                   I relished in the constant challenges, 
                                   the rushes, and the feeling of everything magically working out after days, weeks, months of hard work.

But right now, it’s more about the one-on-one relationships with my clients and less about billable hours. 
It’s more about hitting the right buttons instead of the panic button. 
It’s about delivering creative solutions.
As for television production...  

Television is my passion and it’s part of my profession. 
The TV bug officially bit me when I worked at the BBC while living in England and I’ve never been able to let go.
Since then I’ve won three Emmy® Awards for producing a commercial campaign and producing and writing arts/entertainment stories. 
I freelance for various local stations, producing, writing, and doing on-air work.
I also write and produce independent projects for clients such as PSAs, promos and videos, working with some of the area’s top photographers and award-winning editors. 

Together with my PR and marketing skills, I can truly say I live the creative process.  And most of all, I enjoy sharing it with others.
Sarah Thompson Productions
Public Relations | Marketing | TV Production , St. Louis, Missouri, 314.884.8306,  info@sarahthompsonproductions.commailto:info@sarahthompsonproductions.com?subject=shapeimage_3_link_0
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